to fold something into a smaller shape, usually so it can be stored, or (especially of furniture) lớn fold in this way:

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Negotiations between the two countries are on the brink/verge of collapse (= very soon going lớn fail).
the system/economy/government, etc. Collapses Without computers the whole economic system would collapse.
Thirdly, this closed account collapses when a believer in one faith meets believers from a different religious tradition.
By almost any standards the poorer rural areas have fallen further & further behind; young people have left và traditional industries have collapsed.
The sound of breaking timber made people think the roof was collapsing, và an even worse panic ensued.
If these 4 are collapsed into 2 categories of survivor and non-survivor, it would produce 62/240 errors for a prognosis accuracy of 74%.
Clearly that justification collapsed once it became clear that shareholders in large public companies no longer exercised any real control or responsibility over their property.
The lid had collapsed on khổng lồ the remains, the sides had fallen outwards, but the two end pieces remained upright.
If cor tisol-behavior associations are tested using variance collapsed across these sources, the ability to lớn detect an effect may be compromised.
In the limit, without any counteracting mechanism, these fluctuations may become so extreme that output đầu ra collapses.
When the safe zone collapsed in the next phase of the war, they confronted this dilemma directly by temporarily withdrawing their protection of civilians.
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That is a very important question, as in many cases the rural network is teetering on the brink of collapse.
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